About ILSA

International Learning Styles Australasia (ILSA)

learning_success___Copy.pngILSA is a company dedicated to personalising teaching and learning, with a special focus on individual learning strengths and learning styles.


Based in Sydney with consultants and trainers in Australia and New Zealand, ILSA provides high quality educational programs and products to schools and organisations in the Asia-Pacific region. We address learners' individual learning strengths and preferences, raising their levels of motivation, concentration and academic achievement.

ILSA is the only Dunn and Dunn accredited Learning Styles provider in Australia. We are proud to enjoy permanent membership of the International Learning Styles Network Board based in New York.
ILSA engages experienced teachers and trainers to develop materials and deliver professional development to schools and businesses. Our writers and trainers are skilful, passionate, practising educators, fully certified by St John's University, New York.

Due to recent teaching and leadership appointments, our directors', consultants' and trainers' roles are changing. We will update this page shortly to outline our plans for 2014.

At present, ILSA is focusing on the publication of teaching and learning resource material. For information about our guidebook 'Your Best Way to Learn!' (available in New Zealand from September 2013 and due for publication in Hong Kong in late November 2013), please use the Contact Us tab.