The Benefits of Learning Styles Training

Distinguished educators and researchers Gordon Dryden and Jeanette Voss strongly endorse Learning Styles in their 2009 publication 'Unlimited: The New Learning Revolution and Seven Keys to Unlock It', which examines educational innovation and global best practice in the digital age. In chapter 4 (p125) they conclude:

Tactile_and_kinesthetic_kinaesthetic_spelling_activity.jpg'If the current authors had to choose any one step needed to transform the world's school systems it would be this: find out each student's combination of learning styles and talents and cater to it; and at the same time encourage the well-rounded development of all potential abilities.'

How will my students or my child benefit from Learning Styles?

How will I benefit?

  • Teachers, students and parents discover how to organise a stimulating environment for learning
  • Motivation increases and concentration improves
  • Learners discover a wide range of interesting and effective approaches to learning
  • Students learn coping strategies for handling a mismatch of teaching and learning styles
  • New and difficult work is completed more confidently and enthusiastically
  • Time management and self-discipline improve
  • Learners enjoy the feeling of success: the quality of work is raised, results improve and homework stress is reduced

Students and workers of all ages all around the globe are discovering the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles advantage. From America and Europe to Asia and the Pacific, students, teachers, parents and workers like you are learning in style – and reaping the rewards!

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