The Building Excellence Adult Learning Styles Model

ILSA trainers Charlotte Humphrey and Sue Woolfe, along with ILSA's founder Edwin Mok, have completed comprehensive training in the Dunn and Rundle Building Excellence adult Learning Styles model.

IN 2008 they travelled to Hong Kong to be trained by the co-designer of the model, Susan Rundle, Director of the International Learning Styles Network and Director of Performance Concepts Inc.

Building Excellence identifies a variety of different ways in which adult learners and workers prefer to apply themselves to new tasks or difficult information. Employers, adult students and trainers of adult students will find the assessment data and comprehensive feedback invaluable.

Contact ILSA to learn more about how an appreciation of your learning and working style could boost your productivity either at home, in higher education or in the workplace. We can help facilitate your BE assessment, train you or your staff in practical learning-style applications, and offer guidance and support for your students or employees.

Image reprinted with kind permission of Susan Rundle. Copyright Rundle and Dunn.