The Discipline of Learning Styles

Learning Styles R 'n' R

Learning Styles is about Rights and Responsibilities. It involves freedom and discipline, independence and cooperation.

Every student has the right to learn and the right to enjoy learning.

In a learning-style environment, students may be given the right to choose to use their strongest learning preferences when the work is new or difficult. Given the freedom to make independent choices – to learn the way they learn best - they learn to appreciate their rights and do not take them for granted.

Learners also have responsibilities.

First, they have responsibilities to themselves. They must make good learning choices that improve the quality of their work and allow them to finish on time.

Second, they have responsibilities towards others. They must respect the fact that others may learn in different ways from them. They must not interfere with others' ability to learn. If they make it difficult for others to concentrate, they can expect to lose the right to choose where and how they work. The teacher or trainer will decide when the privilege will be reinstated.

Finally, individuals must realise that they cannot expect to have everything their own way all the time, and the teacher cannot be expected to meet everyone’s learning preferences all the time. Learning style is not to be used as an excuse. Well trained students know how to overcome a mismatch or conflict of styles. They have the tools and skills that enable them to compromise and cooperate.

Students whose teachers have received learning styles training are fortunate.

They learn in style!