Why Invest in a Dunn and Dunn Learning-Style Assessment?

ILSA recommends Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles assessments. We find these superior to other instruments, given their age-appropriate designs, comprehensive research base, field-tested elements and ongoing evaluation.

What will a Dunn and Dunn assessment reveal?

  •  A clear profile of a student's or adult's preferred learning style
  •  Detailed explanations of each particular preference and its significance for the learner
  •  Valuable group information for use when redesigning classrooms and work spaces to accommodate preferences for light, sound, temperature and different types of seating
  •  The perceptual strengths a specific learner should use when beginning and revisiting new or difficult work
  •  Effective ways for the student to complete homework or independent projects
  •  Ways to address the needs of learners who present as unconventional or non-conforming
  •  Times of day when individuals or groups are most energised and focused for learning, working or studying
  •  Those who will genuinely benefit from snacks and/or regular breaks while working
  •  People who respond best to analytic or global approaches to learning
  •  Other factors that are most likely to influence an individual's chances of attaining excellence

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