Consultants' Testimonials - Charlotte Humphrey

“The most outstanding presentation of the entire institute! ...(Charlotte’s) handouts were packed with ready to use ideas! ...I would not stop talking about (her) work in New Zealand....’
- Dr Andrea Honigsfeld, Associate Dean and Associate Professor , Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY, USA (International Learning Styles Network 30th Annual Institute, New York)
 “My students described their experience with Charlotte as an "unforgettable and important turning point in their professional life".
- Dr Tofi Rahal, Associate Professor Learning & Thinking Styles - Scholarly Teaching, Zayed University - College of Arts & Sciences, UAE
"I have joined many international institutes in my life and met people from around the world, but it´s rare to meet a person that affects you at once! That is what Charlotte Humphrey did. She is a mix of sympathy, intelligence, humour, positivity - and a great interest in helping children to find and learn through their own learning style. Charlotte has changed how those people that she has worked with feel about learning and look at learning, forever. She is all heart!"
- Carina Moisio, Kirkkonummi Finland, School Principal, Teacher, Learning-Style Educator
"Charlotte is an outstanding educator, who brings to her presentation a wealth of experience and talent. I warmly recommend her as a presenter."
- Joseph Driessen, Director and Educational Consultant, Education Answers, NZ
 “Charlotte is an excellent presenter whose knowledge of subject, clarity of delivery, organisation of programmes and enthusiastic delivery cannot be faulted. If you want to seriously think about how you work with children in class and re-engage your own and their learning, speak to Charlotte!”
- D Bennett, Director of Teaching and Learning, Wanganui Collegiate School, NZ
“Charlotte Humphrey is an outstanding educator who delivers diverse, challenging, student centred teaching which enhances the thinking and learning capabilities of all students she works with.  Charlotte is a passionate teacher who displays high level thinking qualities and behaviours.”
- Matt Allen, Assistant Rector Middle School, Lindisfarne College, Hastings, New Zealand
 “Charlotte Humphrey is a passionate and dedicated educator. She has the ‘X’ factor which makes her stand out amongst her peers. She shows a high level of professionalism and commitment to her students and their families. She is always willing to go the extra distance to enhance all learning opportunities. It has been our pleasure to have two children benefit from her teaching and we have been delighted with their achievement and progress. We appreciated her excellent communication skills and helpful feedback. We found her to be an articulate, energetic and enthusiastic presenter. She engages with the audience and conveys information in an interesting and easily understandable manner. She applies her in-depth knowledge of learning styles and skills in all her presentations. Charlotte makes learning relevant and fun!”
- Names Supplied, Parents
 “(Charlotte is) friendly, clear, patient, dedicated, focused, warm, encouraging, approachable, willing to repeat or explain in another way, non-judgemental, respectful, safe, well prepared, knowledgeable (VERY), organised.”
– Andrea Gardner, Art Specialist and Art Educator
 “Charlotte is an inspiration – her energy and passion for her pupils and their learning is such an amazing thing to see. She is learning styles personified!”
- Sue van Dort, Teacher
“Charlotte is the most wonderful teacher who approaches every child’s needs, understands them and gets the best out of them. The children soak everything up like a sponge because Charlotte makes it so interesting.”
- Lisa and Russell McMurray, Parents
“Charlotte is a knowledgeable, creative and organised teacher and trainer. She is always ready to encourage and extend learners in interesting ways. One always comes away from a session with Charlotte with exciting, achievable ideas to implement in classroom or learning environment.”
- Pauline Donaldson, Learning Consultant
“Charlotte is a gifted teacher. All my boys loved having Charlotte as she connected to them and they excelled and loved learning. Charlotte gave them learning tools which now in tertiary education they still use.”
- Louise, Parent
“She comes across clearly and understandable. She makes me keep up with what she is saying. I stay alert.”
- Ella, Former Student
“Charlotte embraced understanding the children’s thinking. (Our daughter) stated that her best report ever was because her teacher understood her. (Our son) felt she was a teacher he could relate to – warm, encouraging, non-judgemental and opened his eyes.”
- Vivian, Parent
“Professional, well prepared, easy to understand, Charlotte caters for different learning styles in her presentation. She has many actual examples to reinforce her message.”
- June Miller, Year 1 Teacher
 “Charlotte is deeply passionate about teaching. Her practical and caring nature is outstanding, giving both excitement and knowledge in a unique teaching style.”
- Rob and Bronwyn Donald, Parents
“She is friendly and clear about what she expects.”
- Jack, Former Student
“Charlotte was always very enthusiastic and encouraging with her teaching. I always felt fortunate to have someone so passionate about what they were doing to be teaching our children. They enjoyed the way she presented work and worked alongside them. Nothing was too much trouble for her. The evening parent sessions were always worthwhile – they were fun and informative.”
- Sandi, Parent
“Charlotte is a wonderfully passionate and innovative teacher who is always looking to inspire and facilitate learning in all her pupils, adult or child. She has a wonderful approach and clarity that captures your attention and inspires you.”
- Sarah Eales, PE, outdoor education and maths teacher
“(Charlotte) has a kind, softly-spoken teaching style which was always planned and was made interesting. She always reinforced and encouraged us.”
- Charlotte Gollan, Former Student and Teacher Trainee
 “Mrs Humphrey was an exceptional teacher. She made everything she taught interesting and fun.”
- Joel, Former Student
“Charlotte’s passion and enthusiasm for learning styles is infectious. It is impossible to come away from a meeting with her without feeling that at last here is someone who knows how to get the best from my child.”
- Caroline Towers, Parent
“Possibly the most effective and encouraging teacher I have ever had, Mrs Humphrey created a fun, supportive environment and changed her teaching style to suit each individual’s needs. Five years on, I often still remember the superb English teacher Mrs Humphrey. Thank you so much for giving me the grounding for further English education. You taught me how to enjoy and succeed! :)”
- Kate, Former Student
“Charlotte is an amazing teacher. (Our son) would regularly come home from school excited and inspired by a lesson taught to him by Charlotte. She somehow managed to make Shakespeare so exciting to her year 8 class that (he) rushed out to buy the entire works of Shakespeare! Charlotte’s passion for teaching is passed on to the class.”
Tracey, Parent
“When attending a learning styles workshop I found Charlotte’s presentation to be clear, easy to follow and understand – a careful description of instructions/information – and delivered with humour and confidence. She demonstrated a thorough understanding of learning styles and keen enthusiasm to communicate this knowledge to those attending.”
- Margaret Moffat, CE Teacher
“She is a very confident, enthusiastic teacher and was definitely one of my favourites! She uses learning styles a lot in her teaching.”
- Sally, Former Student
“I think in our lives we can look back and pinpoint one or two teachers that really had an impact on our learning. Both my boys were very fortunate to have such a teacher in Charlotte. She really brings out the best in her pupils, she encourages them to reach for the stars and they do! She sets very high standards and gives them all the support and encouragement needed to reach them. We still have Luke’s poetry and special thoughts book he created in Charlotte’s class and it is a wonderful insight into Luke at that age.”
- Theresa Janett, Parent
“Charlotte has a warm, caring and open teaching style encouraging children to feel secure and comfortable, therefore able to attempt new challenges without feeling threatened or intimidated. She is a positive, understanding teacher.”
- Debra, Parent
“Straight to the point with real-life problems and examples. Hands-on application of principles and processes. Summing up at the end. Brilliant teaching style for my learning style.”
- A Mertens, Science Teacher
“Very informative and enjoyable. We attended workshops presented by Charlotte and we weren’t bored for a single minute.”
- Tracey Johnson, Parent
“Charlotte regularly adopts a creative approach to presenting new concepts and information. She varies her style to cater for different learning styles, so will draw, write, say it, act (or demonstrate) something new. She elicits students’ prior knowledge before attempting to introduce a new concept.”
– Juliet, Parent
“(Charlotte is) student-centred, direct and flexible”
– T Martin, Parent